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Catch and release, no more words

A beautiful video of the ProStaff of Cinnetic Iscle Martínez Roig. Everyone deserves a second chance ... without more words. Enjoy it!

Big “surprise” testing the Cinnetic’s Crafty Sea Bass and Centinel

A short video you can see up close the Cinnetic Crafty Sea Bass CRB4 270 MH the Cinnetic Centinel CRB4 3500 reel, and the...

Cinnetic Crafty CRB4, Centinel CRB4 4000 and Raybraid in action!

The Cinnetic's Benelux staff member Mehmet Buyukyilmaz sends us this video and some images testing the Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 2.70 M rod, the Centinel...

Nice fish catch with Cinnetic jerkbait under the rain!

Nice image provided by Carles Garcia Arroyo Tackle: Rod: Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 6'9MH Reel: Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Line: Cinnetic mimetic fluorocarbon Lure: Cinnetic Dare minnow

Last reviews

In a day of fishing with his back lashed by strong north winds and unfavorable conditions, Mehmet finally sends us these images of beautiful specimens and a comment about how satisfied he is with the reels of the Centinel...

Vincenzo Russo takes the Cinnetic Cautiva II to the limit

Opening day of the new reel of Cinnetic CAUTIVA II 5500 XP ALU. Thanks to its low-weight and mounting the Cinergy Light jigging are today...

Challenge to cold by Carles Garcia Arroyo and Cinnetic

Nice pike catch with soft swimbait in my last kayak fishing adventure! Rod: Cinnetic crafty swimbait special Reel: Abu García Revo beast Line: Cinnetic Raybraid Lure: Berkley gotam...


Designed for squid and cuttlefish fishing, this rod is made of 40 ton “XBR” wrap carbon, in a unmistakable red tone. The balanced blank, as...

Pikes Made in Netherlands

Here some nice pics from  Prostaffer Mehmet Buyukyilmaz with some nice pikes is catched with the CRAFTY BASS GAME CASTING 66M 198CM 7-14GR           The CINNERGY...


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