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Mehmet hurrying the pike season

"The pike will soon spawn and the season will end at the end of March. That is why I try to fish a lot...

Mehmet testing the Cinnetic material along the coast of Lanzarote

"Was on holiday in Lanzarote and on such an island you just have to fish. Had my Rayforce reel and my Rextail light jigging...

Atlantic salmon by Iscle Martínez

"After some failed attempts finally I can hook my first Atlantic salmon, maybe one of the most mythic fish. It was a nice experience,...

Mehmet Buyukyilmaz, pikes under snow

"I love winter pike. It is cold and good to find the right spot. You have as little as possible with you. Your fishing...

Last reviews

"Just returned from holiday from France. We had a nice day with Samuel and Iscle. The video and photos of France come as soon as possible 🙂 I had one day off after my holiday and it was a...

Mehmet Buyukyilmaz changes season

"After having closed a good seabass season it is time to catch the freshwater rods again. I think the "bass game cast" is a...

Iscle Martinez, the return

"Home waters again. Nice barbels sessions incoming. You see it, good cast and booom! then starts a crazy adrenalinic battle! Love it. River torpedos" Tackle: ...

Mehmet testing the Crafty with a large sea bass

Mehmet Buyukyilmaz, member of the pro staff of Cinnetic Benelux, sends us the following impressions about the Cinnetic's rod that uses: "The last weeks swimms big seabass in...

The thinking of Iscle Martinez Roig

"For me, fishing is a nice combination between enjoying nature and challenge. In this case it was nice to hook this big and smart...


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