CINNETIC MIMETIC is a 100% fluorocarbon line, and therefor virtually invisible.

There are different grade fluorocarbon lines in the market, some of which shouldn´t even be called fluorocarbon. these being simple polymers just coated with a finish to make them good sellers, but poor performers.

Nevertheless, the main feature of a FLUOROCARBON line is to have a refraction index similar to that of the water, making it virtually invisible, “mimetic” in that environment. objects absorve sun light and refract it at different angles, being seen of several colours. this phenomenon can easyly be seen in a rainbow, when the sunlight is refracted off the water drops in all directions showing all the colours range.

MIMETIC spools are available in 50M length and gauges from 0,50mm to 0,90mm. and are also very abrasion resistant, which make them very interesting mainly in the bigger gauges with a breaking point from 40Lbs. to 80 lbs. the spools are very good looking and practical, as the line is always covered. winded in parallel system; avoiding this way memory effect and making easier to unwind it properly.