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Manufacturas Deportivas Viper S.A. has reached the 50th anniversary of its foundation in 2023. The company is one of the oldest Spanish distributors in the...

Cinnetic lines: SKY LINE High Quality Fluorocarbon Coated Line

Fantastic multi polymer with a great strength resistance. Its smooth surface is protected by a carbon coating film which increases its abrasion resistance and...

Cinnetic lines: RAYLINE High Quality Multipolymer Fishing Line

The new Cinnetic RAYLINE is designed to transmit every Newton of power to the sinker during casting, obtaining the highest performance and thus the...

Cinnetic lines: MIMETIC Fluorocarbon

CINNETIC MIMETIC is a 100% fluorocarbon line, and therefor virtually invisible. There are different grade fluorocarbon lines in the market, some of which shouldn麓t even...

Last reviews

"Just returned from holiday from France. We had a nice day with Samuel and Iscle. The video and photos of France come as soon as possible 馃檪 I had one day off after my holiday and it was a...

Mehmet Buyukyilmaz changes season

"After having closed a good seabass season it is time to catch the freshwater rods again. I think the "bass game cast" is a...

Iscle Martinez, the return

"Home waters again. Nice barbels sessions incoming. You see it, good cast and booom! then starts a crazy adrenalinic battle! Love it. River torpedos" Tackle: ...

Mehmet testing the Crafty with a large sea bass

Mehmet Buyukyilmaz, member of the pro staff of Cinnetic Benelux, sends us the following impressions about聽the Cinnetic's聽rod聽that uses: "The last weeks swimms big seabass in...

The thinking of Iscle Martinez Roig

"For me, fishing is a nice combination between enjoying nature and challenge. In this case it was nice to hook this big and smart...


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