SEABASS TAGGING PROJECT: Cinnetic Pro Iscle Martínez Roig initiative

“I’m happy to start a seabass tagging project. I’m doing it with two biologist friends ( Fabian Forget from MARBEC, who works on behavioral ecology of fishes. And Miguel Angel Fuentes biologist from the University of Girona ) and some collaborators. Our objectives are study the movement behavior and ecology of seabass.
If somebody fish a tagged seabass: 1) take a picture of the tag number 2) take a measurement from the tip of the mouth to the fork of the tail.
3) put the fish back in good condition if is possible 4) call me to provide me with this information that will help to understand the movement behavior of this species and it’s conservation. We are tagging in Girona province, Catalunya, (“Spain”). By the moment we start with 250 tags, 20 of them are actually on fishes.
Thanks for your help in advance”.