Alex Rodriguez Haro: the return of “the falcador”

After a time disconnected from social networks, but always doing what he likes, we have the latest Alex Rodriguez of Team Cinnetic with a nice catch in his hands. We are very happy with your return Alex, and especially to share your “feats” to all of us:

“Nothing … I walked for Extremadura lands to visit some places with water …. and I throw the jig in a clearing of sand surrounded by trees and shrubs and suddenly I’m surprised this thing, with a brutal eating (thinking it was a water wild pig) and I took it out, yeah. I took some photos to remember the moment, without motivation for writing XD … ”

Rod: Cinnetic Cinergy 7″H
Reel: AbuGarcia MGX
Line+Leader: Raybraid 0,18+Mimetic 0,31
Lure: Jig Basspatrol+Rocketcraw (Berkley)