The CRAFTY is the top line of the Rock fishing range. Its slim blank is made of 30 Ton HRC carbon, and the FLEXI-TIP HYBRID™...

A summer afternoon looking for barbels.

A video by Iscle Martínez Roig. Enjoy! Tackle: Rod: Cinnetic CRB4 Bass Game 6,9m. Reel: Cinnetic Small Tracker 2500 Line: Spiderwire Ultracast 0,12 Lure: Berkley Power...

Cinnetic presents the news in EFTTEX 2018

https://youtu.be/qzx7wI4dvjw EFTTEX 2018 will once again be returning to the Dutch capital of Amsterdam for the 13th time in its history. The 37th edition of...

Catch and release, no more words

A beautiful video of the ProStaff of Cinnetic Iscle Martínez Roig. Everyone deserves a second chance ... without more words. Enjoy it!

Big “surprise” testing the Cinnetic’s Crafty Sea Bass and Centinel

A short video you can see up close the Cinnetic Crafty Sea Bass CRB4 270 MH the Cinnetic Centinel CRB4 3500 reel, and the...

Cinnetic Crafty CRB4, Centinel CRB4 4000 and Raybraid in action!

The Cinnetic's Benelux staff member Mehmet Buyukyilmaz sends us this video and some images testing the Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 2.70 M rod, the Centinel...

Nice fish catch with Cinnetic jerkbait under the rain!

Nice image provided by Carles Garcia Arroyo Tackle: Rod: Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 6'9MH Reel: Abu Garcia Revo MGXtreme Line: Cinnetic mimetic fluorocarbon Lure: Cinnetic Dare minnow  

Cinnetic in Norway

Our Dutch pro staff, Mehmet Buyukyilmaz, known there by the nickname "The Sea bass men" has made a new video that surely you will...

Iscle Martinez: dream fulfilled

"Is always nice to accomplish your dreams! in this case it was a malabar grouper 20kg, heavy fight close to the bottom. I love...

When the lure makes a difference: Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105

Mikel Piranha from the Galaxykayaks team shows us the effectiveness of the Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105: "On cloudy days and with murky waters the striking...


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