Cinnetic line: SKY LEADER High Quality Professional line + leader

The conical line SKY LEADER is born as a result of the union between the line SKY LINE
and the high performance CINNETIC tapered leaders. This is a practical and necessary
product in many environments, as for instance sea weedy and sediment polluted waters,
or just for the ease of use that gives this line. The absence of knot helps the line passing
through the guides when casting and recovering. It also reduces the time spent on spooling our reels when renewing lines.

Now it’s time to deal a very important aspect of our lines, their packaging and presentation.

-Packaging: SKY LEADER is a revolutionary product that respects the environment, which is undoubtedly our greatest asset and also that of future generations. The new SKY LEADER is a pioneer in being the first of the CINNETIC lines that uses a new non-polluting and recyclable material called “PLA”, which allows the disposal of the conventional plastic spool. The PLA CINNETIC spool has a discreet and characteristic glossy black color that we can easily distinguish from conventional transparent plastic spools. PLA is obtained from natural products such as corn starch, coffee beans or mussel shells, through a fossil fuel-free polymerization process. However, the fact that it is a biodegradable and recyclable material does not imply that we can dispose of it in an uncompromising way, but that it must be deposited in the relevant container, as we do with many other products of daily use, so that it ends up in a plant industrial recycling. The carton is biodegradable.

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