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Barbel sessiON

A beautiful video of the first barbel session of the year by membership ProStaff Cinnetic Iscle Martinez Roig. Tackle: Rod: Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 Bass Game 69ML ...

Another championship sponsored by Professional Fishing with Cinnetic products

This coming weekend another edition of the Palometas Fishing Tour organized by Rodrigo Capitán Jack and Armería Pecos Bill is held in Punta de...

News Cinnetic 2018: CAUTIVA II XP ALU

The tireless machine for médium and heavy spinning! Here comes a new generation of the tough CAUTIVA, with a 4,9:1 ratio for those specialties that demand...

Iscle Martinez Roig in action with Cinnetic!

"Enjoying a lot with some small gt's and the new Cinnetic Slow Jigging rod. The abu Oceanfield Bg it was so powerfull too, Very...

News Cinnetic 2018: CRAFTY BLACK Evolution CRBK

1500/2500/3500/4000 No more features could be added! Besides the technological arsenal, the beautiful CRAFTY BLACK Evolution increases the rigidness of the body and rotor with the new CRBK...

News Cinnetic 2018: ZNTECH DS 7000 CRBK

Winner bet! Dependable and proved mechanics. CRBK alloy rigid body at an affordable Price. The new ZNTECH is a winner bet that will surprise for its...

News Cinnetic 2018: RAYTECH DS XP 7000 CRBK

Its rigid CRBK alloy body, reliable mechanical system and smooth oscillation system rotor, are the identity features of the new series RAYTECH. CRBK compact body, cover plate...

Challenge to cold by Carles Garcia Arroyo and Cinnetic

Nice pike catch with soft swimbait in my last kayak fishing adventure! Rod: Cinnetic crafty swimbait special Reel: Abu García Revo beast Line: Cinnetic Raybraid Lure: Berkley gotam...

News Cinnetic 2018: DEEP TRACKER 105 Trolling minnow

Trrrrrr…..Boom! This is the way you will feel the catches with the new Deep tracker! A lure specifically designed for trolling, attractive, well dimensioned, and easy to...

News Cinnetic 2018: WATERPROOF PRO BAG

Technical rigid bag designed for items we want to protect from water. It is featuring an outer zipper pocket and an open one to keep an...


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