When the lure makes a difference: Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105

Mikel Piranha from the Galaxykayaks team shows us the effectiveness of the Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105:

“On cloudy days and with murky waters the striking colors come into play in order to be successful in our fishing days. In this case I capture this beautiful seabass at a depth of 16 meters which I attack with conviction the sample, maybe this was not so relevant that the speed at which it advanced according to the plotter was 1.78 knots.

The Deep Tracker 105 was developed to be able to do trolling at both low speed and high with a frenetic movement that leaves no indifferent predator, and here you have proof of it. ”

  • Lure: Cinnetic Deep tracker 105 color White zombie
  • Reed: Cinnetic Crazy 210 kayak
  • Reel: Cinnetic Cautiva II Alu
  • Linea: Cinnetic Raybraid 0.16mm
  • Bass: Cinnetic Skyline 0.26mm