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Crafty Candy 2022

New sizes for this year: 65UL, 155H and 170XH Crafty Candy belongs to the hybrid soft lures family, since it combines a metal jig head...

When the lure makes a difference: Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105

Mikel Piranha from the Galaxykayaks team shows us the effectiveness of the Cinnetic Deep Tracker 105: "On cloudy days and with murky waters the striking...

News Cinnetic 2018: DEEP TRACKER 105 Trolling minnow

Trrrrrr…..Boom! This is the way you will feel the catches with the new Deep tracker! A lure specifically designed for trolling, attractive, well dimensioned, and easy to...

Cinnetic Lures: ZIG WALKER 105F

A real “walking the dog” style example. An easy casting lure and extremely easy to use. It Can be helped with some popping pulses though....

Cinnetic Lures: SKY RIDER 150F

This floating lure is a real missile. Big part of its 43g of weight is placed on the rear side, thus can be powerfully casted...

Cinnetic Lures: DADDY MINNOW 185F

Daddy minnow, with its 185mm length is a delicious prey for big bass and other predators. Sharp shape and flat pattern which together with its...

Cinnetic Lures: CRAFTY MINNOW150F

Sharp head, big eyes and holographic scales give them a hydrodinamic and natural look. Great casting ability thanks to an internal weight transfer system. Remarkable wobbling...


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