Tuna attack in the middle of nowhere….FULL ADRENALINE

Iscla Martínez Roig: “Is always nice to hook tunas but when you don’t see a feeding and you lift the tunas from the deep is much better, more happiness. You don’t see it but you know that they are there, then suddenly BUUUM!! For this kind of situations i use to fish with an Ima Bannet 190F.

Special thanks to Samuel Elgrishi, always amazing things happens on your boat man! So nice day again”

Rod: Cinnetic Thuntherstrike Big tuna
Reel: Cinnetic Cinergy 5500X devil.
Lure: Ima Bannet 190F
Leader: Cinnetic mimetic 0’70mm
Line: Cinnetic raybraid 0’35mm